nCore has developed a gateway that provides LTE compatible security for cloud access. Together with nCore’s SDK (or App), this gateway can be used to secure cloud computing platforms, enabling secure access to the Cloud resources. The gateway will mask the device IP address (i.e. “Dark Internet”), hiding the devices accessing the cloud, hence making it impossible to hack the devices. The gateway security is based on SIM credentials, which can also issue be issued by the gateway in SW form, to be deposited to a secure storage element or a SIM card on the device accessing the cloud gateway.

Cloud Security

Today more than 90% of firms worldwide are classified as a small-medium business. These businesses are looking for a “zero-IT” solution to, not only save costs but also increase business productivity and profitability. However, cloud security is still based on current technologies that have shown to have vulnerabilities. This leaves the enterprises to address the cloud security issues themselves, leaving the medium and small companies completely vulnerable.

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