Core as a Platform

Communications systems have often been thought as means of transferring information from one point to another. While this may be true for some pint-to-point systems such as microwave and satellite links, or the beloved WiFi at home, it is far from the reality for multi-user systems such as cellular networks. A modern cellular system such as LTE has to:

  • Identify and track a large number of users (devices)

  • Provide Security, regardless of the service type.

  • Provide mobility and roaming in large geographical areas and across borders.

  • Support many services such as voice and high-speed data with QoS.

  • Enable full network control and billing of subscribers.

All the above functionalities are provided by an LTE core network, known as EPC (Enhanced Packet Core).

While the radio merely provides the wireless connectivity, EPC is responsible for all other functions in the network. EPC is the cornerstone of an LTE network and is the most suitable platform for most communications system.

Single Core for All Access Technologies

Recognizing the importance of the LTE Core, nCore set out to make the this core available for all other access technologies such as WiFi, Ethernet, etc. These type of access technologies at the moment do not benefit from a core such as LTE, and as such have not been utilized to their full potentials. The challenge of integrating a new access technology with LTE core was to preserve LTE protocols and procedures over an arbitrary access technology, which we met.

nCore technology facilitates direct coupling of any access technology to an LTE core network, operating LTE procedures and protocols, thus enabling private and public operators to meet the needs of their customers by a variety of access technology and standards.

LTE-over-WiFi (LTE-W)

Take WiFi as an example, replacing LTE base station (eNB) with a WiFi access point. This substitution will enable a cellular or WiFi operator to support, not only LTE enabled Smartphones, but any other device that has a WiFi modem. To further facilitate this goal, nCore has developed SW-SIM implementation of SIM algorithms, enabling a device without a SIM card, to attach to an LTE core network (EPC).

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